Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


One to the nads of the idiot up the road from me who has modified his BMW Mini to pop and bang on the overrun like a Group A rally car so it wakes the whole street up.

Face the facts, mate: It’s not a Group A rally car. It’s a front wheel drive shopping car for girls. Why are you drawing attention to yourself while driving it?:roll_eyes:


More of a c#nt punch


Fortunately not everyone involved in the debate is a racist. This person isn’t for example. We know he isn’t because he says he isn’t.

He still needs punching where it hurts though. Maybe we could club together and pay someone to do it.



I seem to recall her being involved in another racism outbreak recently. Something about immigrants having too many kids and driving down educational standards if my memory doesn’t completely fail me.


She’s had the whip withdrawn but TBH I’m not sure what that means in the Tory party :thinking:


With a club?


I’m aware of the phrase but I’ve never heard it used, even in the army where it could be quite racist I never heard it used.

How the fuck can she say it was an unintentional, this is obviously a phrase she uses often

She told the BBC: “The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused.”


I’ve just read the report. He actually used the “some of my friends are…” gambit. For fuck sake!!!


I just unintentionally thought ‘she’s a nasty cunt’


From a few weeks ago


Not withdrawn as that implies expulsion from the Party. Rather, she has been sent to sit on the naughty step and the whip has been suspended.

The Guardian says the following about the other racist incident

Earlier this year, Morris distanced herself from comments made by her electoral agent and partner, Roger Kendrick, who told a hustings event that “the crisis in education was due entirely to non-British-born immigrants and their high birth rates”.

So she isn’t racist, but her partner might be. She is clearly ‘unintentional’ though…


It sounds murcan to me - no one over here would say “woodpile”…would they?


Only the non-racists obviously, in strictly not racist context, with absolutely not related to racism at all application of the ‘n-word’ in an effort towards being inclusive and promoting multiculturalism…



my ex RAF colleague who retired last year and who was Kenyan Indian, used to use the phrase all the time despite receiving a final written warning for using it. He really couldn’t understand why it was offensive.


I was about to reply to Jim saying I think it may be a toff phrase over here, RAF would fit that bill, bet he was a fucking wupert as well :wink:


Just casual racism then.

Eeny meeny miney mo,
punch the cunt on the camel toe,
if she squeals, let her go,
eeny meeny miney mo.

I’m in no way sexist, the above was entirely unintentional. I apologise profusely.


well yes that sums him up nicely… middle class toff definitely, he also had the caste thing going on as well. I sent him to India to do some work with our agent there, and he made it clear in the rudest way possible that he wasn’t prepared to recruit students that he called “riff raff”. The agent told me never to send him back. I never really expected an Indian Kenyan, to have racist views.


I was attempting a joke re tories and whips. Fell a bit flat clearly :neutral_face:


A three time bankrupt idiot, I hope some time on his own to reflect is dealt.


In Bristol where I grew up, my secondary school was 1/3 afro caribbean, 1/3 asian and 1/3 everybody else, and a lof of my friends were afro caribbean so I used to go to their houses etc… after school. The N word was used constantly in the household (it may have been because it was the 1970’s though).