Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Have you got the big Creators update? I thought they stopped all those shenanigans with that.


It’s some W7 machine, doubtless the W10 will do similar soon


I hate that so very much. Last night I wanted to disconnect a USB HDD. The OS wouldn’t let me because something (fuck knows what) was ‘using’ it. And I couldn’t shut down to solve the problem because Microsoft wanted to take over what I used to think of as my machine to fiddle with it. It doesn’t matter so much now I’m at home. I can go to bed and sort it out in the morning. But if I’d been at work late and needed to take the drive home for an early airport trip the following morning I’d have been out for blood. Who the fuck do they think they are ?



But we know you.


I just googled pegged to see if anyone else had suffered the indignity of walking around with a bloody clothespeg on them.

I really had no idea what it was. :frowning:


isn’t that where Steely Dan got their name? IIRC it was the name of the dildo used in the pegging scene in the Naked Lunch?


Really? Well, congratulations.


I thought it was a term for scoring in cribbage

Shows what I know


has other meanings as well - scroll down to items 2 and 3


FFS, I’m contemporary illiterate


Animal rights fucksticks.




Just when you thought that you’d heard it all…


I realise that this is paraded as hype to promote an ill advised ‘fight’ but these two should be banned from the sport sine die

Pair of fucking idiotic bigots


Media whores in a mutual fuckfest.




To Sandy Park PA music guy for playing bass heavy music on a PA with zero below 150Hz. Also repeatedly playing Gangnam Style.


Crotch rocket biker with a fucking death wish who nearly ended up taking me and Mrs C out today. Busy road and had moved over (in lane) to pass a cyclist . Half a second later a biker coming the other way pops out from tailgating a car positioning his bike about mid bonnet of my car, well into my lane and about 5 yards in front of me. He could neither brake to pull back in nor accelerate quickly enough to complete the overtake. Luckily I yanked my car to the left and threaded the needle between the biker and cyclist.

Why the fuck would a biker ever put themselves in a position where their safety depended on the quick reactions of a fucking car driver such as myself.


cos they’re cunts…

Sunday bikers who don’t ride regularly :unamused:


You are probably right Jim, it’s a fucking lethal road at the best of times, a couple of young teenage girls killed on a section of it only the other day. I’ll just chalk it up as a lucky escape. If i had happened to be checking my mirrors or a host of other things that could have distracted me, said biker would be mort.