Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Or neither (it’s very probably somebody’s son though). But as far as what to say when they’re gone goes, it’s a philosophical point. I didn’t have any individual in mind, as I guess those who’ve rejected RIP didn’t.



"At no time were members of the public in any danger as the wolf was away from the visitor area throughout."
The wolf was found just outside the park’s perimeter fence, towards the A361, and was shot by a member of staff.

Why the need to shoot it then you cock trumpets.


They tend not to react well to calls of please and thank you.


Had they missed with a tranquilizer dart, or worse injured it with said dart it may have run off and eventually found an other animal or human to attack. Clearly the staff had to make a swift decision, humans are more important so on face value they made the correct call. It appears that the blame lies with the park for not maintaining the fence.
A great shame.


If they could shoot accurately enough to kill it, they could have tranquilized it, instead. Poor choice.
Humans are more important? I am sure the animals first thought was to run and hide, as most do, not attack a human; a very rare occurance.


They were too far away to be sure the dart would work. (I believe they’re fired by an air gun so nowhere near the range or accuracy of a rifle bullet)

Yes it might have hidden or it might have run out into the road (startled by the dart) and caused a major rta, who knows.


They should’ve called in Vinnie Jones

(Actually, he claims this is fake news & that the picture came from Australia)


Yet again, it is time to nominate Boris Johnson for a thunderbolt to the trouser front. Today’s nomination is for services to hypocrisy as BoJo cuntwarbled the following at Vince Cable:

“Vince Cable is making his stuff up and maybe he should take more time to think up some policies rather than wasting his time on peddling lies.”


Clearly, BoJo is being very unfair to Cable in failing to mention that the alleged lies were not printed on large letters on the side of a coach.


This cunt, for being to dim-witted to understand the implications and challenges of breaking encryption.


Clearly she is a moron. So what to expect;

  1. More legislation restricting our freedoms.
  2. All the ‘extremism’ will be moved to services and countries not covered, but still accessable to the UK, briliant.
  3. People carry on using UK facilities, they just encrypt them before they send and then let the facility also encrypt.


Oi! That’s my MP you’re talking about.

Locally she is known as Elmer Fudd :rofl:


She’s not bad lookin’ tho…:grin:


:fish: <<:fist:>>



A baseball bat to the head to the absolute fucking cunt of a van driver who very nearly clipped me today while on my bike.

Cycling along very close to the kerb as usual - the road is empty of other traffic so he has two full lanes to pass me and his wing mirror misses my shoulder by cm’s - so close I could feel it as he passed me. I have no doubt it was intentional. If he had clipped me I certainly wouldn’t be here moaning about it.


I need a cockpunch in the cock. My Virgin bill is about to go up to £87 a month.

I need to somehow break away from this yoke.


time for that phonecall - last time mine went up, I phoned them and I ended up saving about £30 / month off the pre-price rise bill.


Try explaining to teenagers that the internets is stopping for a few months?


Me too. Sky bill is £103/mth and that’s just telly and phone. Broadband is by others :dizzy_face:


Fook! Mind you, I don’t even have Sky Sports in that price. BT Sprt is included though, which is pretty decent now.