Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


They must have been listening to you. Bob.

The power of the AA is truly amazing.


Surely this is the perfect opportunity to sell them better bombs?

It’s what we do with the Saudi’s. Think of the jobs it’ll create.


In that case I’ll start talking up the re-introduction of the Austin Allegro, should be great for exports.


Hoof in the nads for Corbyn on Marr. Still clinging on to an indecisive majority in an advisory referendum as a fig leaf for his own views.


Germany can have one for giving these nazi cunts a voice in Parliament. ‘We are the people’. Fuck right off.


Hmmm Louise ordered a new door mat from Amazon - I think something went wrong with their packaging


Fantastic timing with that photo.


Neither Gary nor the cat are particularly impressed.


I just tried to order cinema tickets on my phone, couldn’t choose seats so I went to my computer. Not only could I then choose seats (the automatically allocated ones were right on the side, despite the cinema being almost empty), but it was almost a tenner cheaper.

Cineworld, have one to the nads.


You can simulate the phone/internet experience on your computer by buying a VGA monitor and one of those cheap Chinese keyboards that either doesn’t register keystrokes at all or gives you triple letters every time.

Not sure why you’d want to, but equally unsure why people with perfectly good computers choose to use the internet on a 4" touchscreen. :roll_eyes:


I have a phone with a 5.5" touch screen and a higher resolution than my laptop. I think the processor is probably faster too!


Wow ! Eat your heart out IMAX :wink:.



Yeah that’s what I spent ages trying to book a bloody ticket for


Whoever thought this was a good idea…


Is that a VW with a 159/Brera front end?


It’s a metaphor for broken Britain :+1:


Cockpunch to growing up.

Ellie, after months of mooning over a lad at Air Cadets has finally managed to hook him and they are now an item. :rage:

So I had to have “the talk”. My version went like this:

“Don’t shag him, don’t give him a BJ, and don’t send him any pictures of your bits. Snogging is Ok.”


Top parenting :+1:


I thought so. :grinning:


You forgot anal. And titwanks.