Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Oh fuck…:scream:


And what about fingering? Is that a grey area?


Renault 19 with 159 I think.


I suppose so. I do feel slightly hypocritical given what I used to get away with at their age…


Rules are different for you. Suggest a career in a convent.


She’s thinking of trying to get a commission in the RAF, I’ll just drum it into her that getting knocked up will fuck that up.


It’s usually pink.




I have fixed that for you.


Only if you’re fingering your granny.


She has been dead since 1983. And was cremated.


So was it her phone she was looking for in your top drawer?



Try as they might, there is only one original & genuine…


Seen that pic before. That used to be a Ferrari Scaglietti 612. Fresh from converting a Toyota MR2 into a Ferrari 458 lookalike, and wanting a proper challenge, the bloke used the running gear and engine from the fezza 612 and moulded some Astra body panels to go on top, and sourced some genuine Astra and VX badges. But it will never be an original…


That’s a discussion you need to have with him, he should run a mile, job done.


Or go down the pub and leave it to the Mrs to deal with.


He’s a nice enough lad, and a bit younger than Ellie so hopefully not too worldly wise (I know, I know, but his favourite films are How To Train Your Dragon …) and she’s the one who set her cap at him, none too subtly either…


This fucker. Reasons.


With a lovely 301,will Arnold the dog make a comeback?