Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch



Not only do these fuckers sell a surprisingly nice coffee they also are a-brim with stuff that actually calls out my name when I walk past it.

I honestly am addicted to their sausage baguette lightly drizzled with ketchup and a large black americano.

Like any savouries or sweets with that ? Well, funny you should ask… I’ll take a Belgian bun please…what’s that you say? 2 for a pound? Well, why not.

Ate like a King I did, when all I went in for was a yoghurt pot and granola.


Impressive levels of delusion there :+1:


Elvis I presume?


You yellow fool. :slight_smile:


I was surprised at how edible their bacon rolls were


We even have a slow cooker now. Beach readiness for next trip.


Fried in crack cocaine I reckon.


The pig + crack version of kobe beef


It’s shit coffee you cunt, truly fucking dire brown muck in a cup.


May not be the best out there I grant you, however it knocks the Costa into the long grass. Alas they are the only two options locally.

I do pour it into a Costa cup tho…so my Van has a certain caché.

In fact, Costa can have one for having nice beans and then burning the bloody stuff. Every. Bloody. Time.


C’mon someone ! If I do the whale joke he’ll think I’m following him around being awkward.



Are you following me around being awkward?


Greenpeace or Japanese tourist version?


The fool is strong in this one.




You’ve probably got time for both. I think he’s here all week. Apparently the sausage baguettes are worth a try.



Life is too short. Perhaps he’ll nip out for golf and forget the way home.

The bit about the baguettes is Fake News.


You should complain to the bloke who did their roastery @Jim or something.


It was probably deliberate. The last thing Jim needs is folk turning up at his bakeoffs and saying the Costa they had on the way is better than his coffee…


The beans are ok, it is the bloody machines they use. Always seems to hot and ultimately bitter.

Anyhoo, hark at me…a blue collar craftsman whining about a hot beverage. This world is truly topsy-turvy.