Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch




I agree that they tend to over roast. It’s probably because they think that’s what the public wants. You can’t blame it on the giant roasters I installed though - they are adjustable to the nth degree.

Also they put very long dates on their bags, which is ridiculous as the contents will be passed its best, taste wise after 2-3 weeks. To be fair, their turnover is huge, so the majority of what they roast does get used quickly.

A roasting date on the bag would be far better though for anyone who really cares about their coffee - that’s why I get my beans from Square Mile.


When the fuck have you ever taken any notice of autocorrect? I’m surprised you even know what it is! :laughing:




I let it do as it pleases because it amuses you.


The covfefe can’t be stopped.


[quote=“A_Touch_of_Cloth, post:3066, topic:85”] …

Come on…




To the person organising a meeting next week who thinks that people in the SE England travelling 50m is the same as people in the North travelling 150 (i.e. we are meeting in the ‘middle’). This isn’t the first time and no doubt won’t be the last.



Yep, utter tosh - the M62 is just as bad as the M25…:unamused:


last time we did a meet in the middle team meet bollocks thing the chosen place was Cardiff, apparently half way between Bristol and Cumbria!


Isnt Crewe about halfway?


I like that, unfortunately it doesn’t have a “not north of the M4” rule that our colleagues down south apply:)


Louise’s boss actually uses it for meetings between Stevenage and Bristol - they end up in Reading or if the French are coming in central London…


Christ, who’d want to go that far North. The M4 is basically Hadrian’s wall .


Scammers on Facebook marketplace


Yet again, Katie Hopkins.

Fucking idiot.


Almost unbelievable but then it is. How is she able to make a living, who the fuck employs her?


Her kind of cuntish outspoken righteousness will always attract an audience…:unamused:


You’re probably right said to say. She is and always will be a cunt