Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Nagaoka and other brands who do those awful inner sleeve things


What’s up with them? I’ve always found them ok


Find them a real faff getting them back in the sleeve,maybe it’s just me


Fingers like pigs tits Stu ?


I don’t like the flimsy ones either. Much prefer the poly-lined paper type.


My mind I know, but that sounds soooo rude.


Don’t they leak?


I never liked the ones that were just the flimsy poly stuff - paper with poly lining better. I think I’m with @Rob998


Yes,they are the type i meant,i use the poly lined paper ones.


Mofi inner sleeves :+1:


Bash in the nads for the pavement in Cambridge, that become unstable the moment a pissed person walks on them…result a twisted ankle, bashed knee and a bruised and swollen thumb…

Oh and what idiot booked a hotel with a million flights of stairs?


The 50 or so wankers who took their transit vans on the M6 north to Blackpool and drove across 3 lanes of the M6 this afternoon at 20 - 50 mph and not allowing people to pass with their ‘flashing’ lights on. Great, you managed to cause 2 serious crashes and miles of traffic this afternoon you puss filled twats. That delayed me by an hour just so you could fucking play van trains on the M6. Two hours later when I went the other way, the queues were still there going North. Thousands of people delayed due to some uber nobs on a Saturday.

Cunts of the first order. As usual no fucking interest from the police, obviously no funds to be had from cameras.


don’t google this :stuck_out_tongue:


James Corden = Unfunny cunt


Yep unfunny twat trying to be Ricky Gervais


The lack of funny is one thing, but the content matter is a fucking disgrace.


I did. Got James Corden which ties up nicely.


so unfunny twat trying to be an unfunny twat…


cockpunch to trump for trying to get rid of iran deal when they have complied with terms and took so long to sort


Trump is such a cockpunch regular he has his own thread where this is administered daily.