Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Brian Wilson, former Labour MP and minister, can have one for penning this pish. He seems to be losing his mind.


He should stay with the Beach Boys and stop meddling in politics


I thought he used to play in goal for Ars*nal


That was Bob.


my bad, I meant the one that plays for Oldham Athletic


Bob played for Oldham Athletic? I thought he did summat with submarines.


Brian of course not Bob…


Lewis Hamilton for adopting a fucking ridiculous American accent. Even worse slipping in some Patois. It’s cringeworthy.


He’s from Stevenage, if you have been there you know, if not it’s a fucking pit in that arse of a place Hertfordshire.




You bit :confounded:


I lived in Herfordshire for 13 years, couldn’t wait to leave. I lived in Hitchen and WGC, so perhaps I am speaking from some knowledge.


Hitchin is nice enough, if you can spell it :wink:


He means the one in Herfordshire :smiley:


What, near Whales?


Does he mean Herefordshire ? (Or Clackmannanshire perhaps ?)



I’m doing a school in Brookman’s Park at the mo - it’s very posh around there




Bob’s alternative reality where Hitchen is in Herfordshire and Cheshire is classy.


Moor Park is very nice