Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Christmas gets earlier every year :smile:


Google amp. Go to a hole in the ground and die.


your not stealing the lead off the roof again?

Brookmans Park is nice, used to lodge there with a loon who was obsessed with his sugar bowl. Lasted three weeks until I got psyched out and moved back to Hatfield



What the fucking fuck!!!


Same problem in Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Manchester, Preston etc…


So, less than 2 deaths a year, and the Daily Mail makes a big deal of half of them being Pakistanis…

What is the figure for somewhere like, oh, I don’t know let’s pick somewhere out of the ether…, Fetlar?


please please stop posting shite from the daily mail… its not even funny


Brought to you by the Daily Fail…In partnership with UKIP/BNP/English Defense League.


I wonder how little of a coincidence it is that the published date of this story coincides with the first airing of the new BBC drama “Three Girls”.


No coincidence. None at all.

Disgusting rag, it’s possibly even worse than The Sun, and it takes an awful lot for me to say that something is worse than The Scum.


What would be the point in that?


I live in Redbridge and I was definitely related to my parents :+1:


In contrast to Bob’s experience with United Utilities ( good things etc. ).

Lead water piping feeding the house has compressed and now we need new plastic piping from the house to the mains supply, a distance of 12 metres. Cheapest quote £1200, ok its got to be done.
Because the rear of the property is a private road, United Utilities are charging a little less than £900 to say the jobs a good’un the new pipe can be connected to the mains supply. 12 months ago it would have cost nowt and if the supply was beneath an adopted road it would have cost nowt or on a public highway cost nowt. £900 a shufty, I’d love to inspect their stopcocks with a size 10 hoof and then charge the cunts for the honour of delivering it.
You robbing bastards United Utilities, a fucking big cockpunch to your cunting flanges.


Fergus Wilson, a multi-millionaire landlord who told his letting agent to ban “coloured” tenants because they left curry smells in his properties, but isn’t racist at all. Not one teeny bit. We know this because, as he put it himself, “I personally find Indian and Pakistani people, and also coloured people in general to be extremely intelligent people. And I know quite a number.”


A corpulent blot on the landscape most deserving of a firm knee to the nadgers…and liposuction delivered by a hungry baboon armed only with a straw.


He also wont rent to plumbers, he hates plumbers. A fucking nasty peice of shit who couldn’t stand as Police Commissionaire because of his assault conviction.


What a cunt. I hope a lot of his ‘white’ tenants start cooking curries.


Indeed. He would hate the likes of me.


and me - maybe I am going to start making fermented fish sauce and thai fish paste and stinky tofu with some pickled Durian


CP to me for being so detached from modern popular culture that I was entirely unaware of Ariana Grande until today.