£1k toob amps?

I’m saving up for an amplification upgrade. I’m poor so it’s gonna take a while to save up £1k, especially if I keep dipping into the slush fund to buy records…

However in the interests of research, what sort of valve amp will £1k -£1.2k buy? Maybe £1.5k if I get my finger out and sell some of the stash…

I suppose at that kind of money I’m looking at an integrated rather than pre/power combo. Something like the Audio Innovations stuff?

Currently running Arcam 8R/8P through Triangle Heliade ES.

Speakers are 91db so fairly efficient, but probably not going to like anything less than 25w.

I like a warmish, but detailed presentation and my musical taste runs from Jazz to thrash via electronica and pop, with a bit of classical thrown in.

Before anyone starts offering me stuff, I’m probably not going to be in a position to buy until September or later.

First one that springs to mind is the Audio Note OTO SE or PP, it’s only 8W but had no problems driving my 91dB Snell K’s.

Otherwise a PureSound A30 would a good choice

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Ohh, forgot to mention, at least one tape loop is essential.

The Tube Technology Unisis on PFM for £750 is what you need. Looks lovely and sounds good.

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You can always borrow my EAR 869SE or PrimaLuna 1 (modded) to see if this is the right direction.

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It sold last night unfortunately.

Keep Guy in beer money.

If you fancy getting tubes, see if you can find an Audio Innovations Series 300. It’s not got the tightest bass but everything else is pretty much flawless. Probably go for about £300-ish. Even has a phono stage and two tape loops. 10W should be OK with those triangles unless you like it loud.

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My room can’t take it too loud, not the way I’m forced to lay it out anyway.

I heard some Audio Innovations amps (can’t remember what, was so much other stuff) at one of Brians (Take5) bake offs and really enjoyed them. They sounded modern, i.e detailed but not overly bright, a bit like my Arcam stuff TBH which is probably why I like them. Think they were working some big AN standmounts.

What about an Icon Audio ?

I love mine I do :heart_eyes:

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Dunno mate, never heard one. It’s new territory for me so I need to get to some bake offs or visit some slaughtermen, or take Tuff Bob up on his loan offer.

That looks the kind of thing, just a few months too early, unfortunately.

I know it’s a long shot but if your in Glasgow for any reason (no sniggering at the back) then give me a shout you’ll be most welcome :+1:


That was the Border Patrol power supply mountain he had. AI L2, P2, Second Audio’s all with BP power supplies. A tad over your budget.

There is a nice Gamma Rhythm integrated for £850 on ebay, I had one and it was very, very nice. Get it checked out before using it, it’s the same for all older valve stuff really.

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Puresound 2a3 go for around £1k, great amp, shouldn’t have sold mine

There’s a guy selling an OTO SE on pfm at the moment for £1100, it’s up towards the high end for what they go for but not bad if you can get it for £1k or less.


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Saw that Chris, but just not got the money atm.


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Wait until you have the available money, mate.

At that point, everything becomes available at your budget. Until then, all you will get is recommendations/frustrations that you are unable to move on.

Patience, Grasshopper, patience :wink:

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