2 seater convertible - help

Thinking about a 2 seater sports car for summer fun. Needs to be a convertible so we can have top down when it’s sunny. Will have to used everyday as a second car so needs to be reasonably reliable.
I like Boxster (although never driven one) but Kate not so keen on them, but it’s not out of the question yet.
Needs to have loads of leg room to fit my 6 foot 5 inch frame. So tiny jap ones are out of question.
Any ideas or experiences welcome budget would be limited to a maximum of £8k but would rather it be less.

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Beemer Z4 - Hardtop convertible ?

Dead reliable, looks nice but very tight on budget.

Youngest son has one; great fun, and I can drive it, comfortably, at 6 ft. 4.


Have a look at a Bmw z4, for your budget you’ll get a low mileage, well looked after, facelifted E85. Im 6’5 I fit in mine no problem. The 3L is a fast car (265hp).
Boot is big too.

There you go - 2 / 2 = sorted !

One of these, if you’re lucky. 2 extra seats as well

Audi TT 1.8 t £7500.

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Boxster - performance car bargain. You’ll get a really good 986S for £5-6k.


Not a chance for £8k, at least not one that’s not absolutely fucked.


Neither practical for everyday. Also over budget.

HTHs :+1:


Posts of random crap from people who have absolutely ignored the op’s requirements ensue…


They do come up around that price occasionally, but yes £10k would be a better budget. Not the best time of year to buy a convertible either.

Dogs may do… good ones are more like £14-15k now. They’ve bottomed out depreciation wise now, at least for a good one.

I thought I’d get in before everybody else.

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I’m warming to it.

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I would expect perfection for £15k. Nice ones can be had a lot cheaper. Best convertible out there at that sort of money though.