2016/17 kit changes

Have you decided which set are staying?

Avantgarde Zero One Active Speakers
North Star 192 CD Transport

WLM Diva MKII Speakers
Accustic Arts Integrated Amp
Auralic Mini
Calyx 24/192 Dac

2017 - would like to find one of the higher grade Accustic Arts integrated for sensible money, but other than that I’m pretty happy.

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Now with added realism :joy:


Paul, give him a break. There is no way he’s going to be able to remember all the changes made in a whole calendar year to that system :grin:


notts analogue hyperspace
Fidelity audio DAC
Living voice SUT…though still here
Electric beach frugal 3 speakers

Amazon one turntable
Moerch up 4
Project rs phono and power box
Jolida fx3 Dac
Impulse H6 speakers

2017 no real changes except get the speaker crossovers external. And the small matter of a loft conversion. Still really happy with how it sounds

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So true.


In Westrex wesstar 100, lowther tp1,

Out: wolf Von worthless. Oracle vitavox / westrex

Still nothing working in stereo - why must I cry ?


Slightly disappointed to say:-
Ten class A Sugden watts handle the Ref3A RV much better than it’s worth spending about.
Agility at low volume does it for me, domestically.

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Main system, just added a second M&K sub. Other systems,

In ARC 050, db101, Michell ISO, Audio Synthesis phono, Moth phono, Primate 928, Linn LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Troika, another Linn Troika, Supex SM100E, Pink Triangle, Rega RB200, second Technics SP10 mk2, Helius Cylene, another Wheaton Tri-Planar (Mk4) arm, Naim NAP160, Naim snaps, Carver d400, Pioneer a400, AudioMods Micrometer Mk4, IncaTech Claymore, Sunfire Sub, B&K sub, JBL L86, Naim NAC42/NAP110, Audio Synthesis DA-X, 2 x Kelvin Labs amps, Teac D700/P700, Audio Synthesis ADX, Threshold S300 other stuff I can’t remember.

Out PT1/Helius Orion/Goldring 1042, Pink Triangle Tarentella, Anatek phono, Harbeth P3ES, Trilogy VTi, NA Spacedeck/Rega, Carver d400, Perreaux SM3, Arcam CD82, SME IV, IncaTech Claymore, one Kelvin Labs, Michell Mycro/Rega, Nakamichi 630 and some other stuff I can’t remember.


Nothing in or out last 6 months, Alzheimers means I can’t remember beyond that.

This year - fancy playing with some cheap’ish DD decks. Anybody got anything they don’t need kicking about ? :slight_smile:


Not much for me last year

Out: Triangle Titus TZX, Cable Talk 3.1, Rotel RT-950BX

In: Triangle Heliade ES, Van Damme Black series 4x4mm, Chromecast Audio, lots of vinyl.

For 2017 I really only fancy a change of amps. Possibly a tube integrated or maybe a passive pre/tube power combo. Dunno. I’ll have to get myself to a few bake-offs.

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Michell Orbe
Technics SP10
SME M2-12R tonearm
Accuphase AC-5 cartridge
Okki Nokki
Trilogy 907 phono stage
DIY Type 76 valve pre amp
DIY Aleph 30 power amp
Graham Audio LS5/9 speakers
Vitus SS-010 amplifier
Pimped single board DDDAC
Cyrus XT Signature transport

Harbeth P3ESR speakers
Ayre pre amp
Ayre CD player

Triode TRV-845SE integrated valve amp

Plans for 2017
New ply base for SP10
SME IV or V for the Orbe
Copper mat for the SP10
Sell the Vitus and a couple of DACs


Most likely keep the LVs.

Just need to find a local Avantgarde fan to buy the Finos :smile:

Nick doesn’t like to put all the changes on a forum in case Hmrc are monitoring :smiley:


Looking forward to properly trying my oldnew B & W DM4’s.

Mostly I will be trying to buy more LP’s and listen to more music in general rather than faffing with kit…

I don’t think I changed anything last year.

This year I’d like to flog my Primare amp and maybe buy a Naim Uniti Atom with the optional HDMI ARC input.

And some new headphones, because my old ones are cream crackered.

And maybe a Chord Mojo.

Nothing changed in 2016. I’d dearly like it all to change in 2017, but right now that’s not looking too likely. A basic turntable is probably the most likely option, but it’ll be right at the bottom of the ladder quality wise I suspect.

Just added an Amazon echo dot, lol

Might be relocating later this year, so depending on available space, might mean some down or upsizing ! :smiley:

The Pro-Ject Primary is amazingly good/liveable with for the dosh.

Or if Narelle lets me upgrade, my Pro-Ject Debut III that’s been SE’d might suit you :sunglasses: