2018 Formula 1


I think they should race at Baku more often…

Great race!!


Can’t argue with that. Baku is a bit…errr…random.



Wow!!! Some race

That was Max’s fault, surely? Two moves. I noticed Jolyen pinning it on Ricciardo.


I agree. Two moves and/or weaving in the braking area.
Regardless, Helmut Marko has declared it 50/50. That’s all that matters.
Unless, of course, you are negotiating a new contract.


Sounds like Helmut has taken care of that matter now. Horner too saying they’re both in the doghouse. I’m bemused: we’ve been saying “one of these days…” about weaving, and then when it’s happens …Bet Danny sees things more clearly though.

And I wouldn’t mind an inside line on how good Leclerc is. Ahem, Ian.

I never rated Ericsson much but he dealt with whatshisname last year pretty well. And now he’s having his doors blown off by Leclerc


My understanding is Leclerc is considered to be as good as Verstappen.
But Ferrari being conservative and with greater depth/choice in driving talent have done what they always do; farm out a junior driver to a small (connected) team to gain experience and to gauge how they cope in the F1 spotlight. Both racing and media.


Marcus hasn’t had his best weekend in Baku. In general this year is driving better than he was last year. His drive in Bahrain was very good to 9th.

I think that you can see that Charles has a lot of potential. He drove a very good race in Baku and is improving all the time.


Great race. What I like about F1 is the way virtually all of the bosses and drivers are so honest in their interviews. Really refreshing after football.


Damn fine race.

FWVLIW, the Red Bull contretemps I tend to lay at Daniel’s feet a tad more than Max - he was red-misty after losing the undercut and overcommitted to the overtake too late - even if Max hadn’t overdone the weave, Daniel wouldn’t have cleared the corner going in as hot as he was. Damn shame mind.

Just wondering if someone left Goeswrong alone with a box of matches:


Once Max cut back across again, Daniel was not going to be able to brake for the corner as he was losing so much front downforce (most of the braking is done by the front brakes and tyres), and then the crash was inevitable.

Red Bull will know (from their logged data) whether Daniel could have made the corner by comparing previous braking timing at that corner, but just from following it on TV, I would be very surprised if he couldn’t.


From post-race hints (yeah, I know…) I get the impression that Max is indeed mostly carrying the can for this.

During the race it looked to me like Daniel was trying to dummy Max out to the right and go through on the inside - but he looked way too hot to ever have made it and cleared the corner - i.e. shades of what Vettel did, but on the inside of the corner not the outside - leaving him with no run-off area if he overshot. The wind bluster and difficulty keeping the tyres up to temp seems to have made it harder than usual to judge, too.

I daresay you are right, of course, and god knows it made for an entertaining race, but also a damn shame to lose so many cars…


That’s almost exactly what my local commentator (ex Le Mans peddler, John Nielsen) said 2 secs after the crash: Max’s weaving means he has no downforce, he has nowhere to go

Quite comical how they just decided to fish out the team quotes from Turkey 2010 and jiggle the words around.

I’m looking forward to the photo this time



Great race, really enjoyed that one, C4’s coverage was most entertaining :slight_smile:

Well done to @IanW !


Bloody hell, Magnussen was bloody lucky to only get a 10 second penalty for this nasty piece of work. He’s quite the twat, IMHO

… though on a lighter note :slight_smile:


Second-rate driving, but his defence of being unable to see anything in his mirrors holds-up if you view his in-car footage - they’re flapping about like a helicoptering tranny…

Sniff on-point as usual :+1: :rofl:




Just been brought back down to earth with a bump…

Roland Ratzenberger lost his life during that fateful San Marino GP weekend 24 years ago today.


I remember that too well :frowning: