2018 Formula 1


Mansell would be even betterer. :smiley:


In a profession not short of moaning fuckers, he’s the fucking master


Alonso to Redbull for 2019 apparently.

He couldn’t wait to continue his work with Honda.


Di Resta was king of its not my fault! Made Mansell look like an ideal driver.


Mansour Ojjeh resigns from Mclaren…





It was a bit err surprising :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good news, I wonder what this will mean for Williams?


They are already in big trouble, and this can only make matters worse. They need good leadership and funding…


Their largest backer leaves them high and dry ? I’d say they’re even more fucked than they already were (what with Martini gone at the end of 18)

They were sniffing around a Merc gearbox + rear suspension deal this week, but I’m pretty sure it’s not those two components that makes them dogshit in the corners.

They’ve never seemed inclined to sell but very soon it’ll be the only option going: they’ll incinerate cash without a serious partner in 19.


Exactly, they might save some money doing this in a year or so because they do not need gearbox designers, but their problems are clearly in the Aero department.




Now confirmed…

Let’s hope it’s not the end of Freddy in F1.


Bugger bugger bugger

It surely is the end though, even though he’s still the pound for pound best driver on the grid, and the standout driver from an incredibly gifted generation.

There have been openings at all the top teams the last 18 months, and they haven’t bit: if not now, then never.

I’ve always found it bizarre that his luggage was deemed so burdensome. As if Senna and Lauda weren’t a handful.

He was by a country mile my favorite driver, and I’ll miss the drama of his driving on the track and his scheming off it.

Worth a watch …


Very sad day indeed, I’ll really miss him, it seems all the real racers and characters are disappearing from F1 for one reason or another :frowning:


The No-Shit-Sherlock post of the day goes to…