2018 Formula 1


I really like Sainz, and think RB are nuts to have dropped him, but (pop quiz time) … when was the last time McLaren did not have a race winner in their cars ?

Also, Jody Schekter is a cock


Can’t argue with that :unamused:


Hang on, this had passed me by til just now … where the hell is Ocon gonna be next season?

Merc- fully booked
Renault - fully booked
Force Stroll - fully booked, unless they fancy an expensie conversation with Carlos Slim Jnr
RB - fully booked
Torro Rosso - no chance
Sauber - no chance

So. basically he has to leave the Merc stable and choose between McLaren (who then have a Lando Norris shaped problem) or Haas

Well done, Toto. You’ve done a bang up job there

(And well done Danny Ricciardo and the Strolls for completely kayboshing everything)

Hulk & Danny, unless Hulk’s getting paid off, which I can’t see happening

Edit: Soz, I’m forgetting Williams with their Merc engines (and gearboxes?) - that’s surely the obvious solution … though I’m sure Ocon’s wandering around mouthing “how the fuck did that all happen?”


Renault. Probably.


Yeah. I’ve lost track of him TBH.


Pierre Ghasly to take the second seat at red Bull alongside Verstappen next year…


At least they’ll have yoof on their side :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Kimi to be confirmed at Ferrari.
Leclerc to Haas. Bye bye Goeswrong.


He’s had his chances. He blew them. Ta-ra, fucko

Talk of Vergne going back to Torro Rosso. I always rather liked him, and if they were prepared to give Hartley a second chance then they certainly should with JEV.

Vandoorne / James Key switch for the the other TR seat, Lando alongside Sainz at McLaren, and Ocon to Williams in a holding pattern for Merc.

You heard it hear first, unless you read twitter, in which case this is possibly the 50th time you’ve seen it.

PS: News to me til this week is that Vandoorne is apparently playing love-sausage with Gil De Ferran’s daughter, which while it may or not be a smart career move, is - I think - entirely understandable


PPS: can anyone think of any occassion where shagging the boss’s daughter turns out well?






Some stories going around that the Force Stroll deal might not be done / do-able, so we might be back to the drawing board on '19 seats. I’ve lost the will to think much more about it, frankly.

A Grosjean on all your houses



I admit I had to look twice. :slight_smile:


Nul points



Ouch, that’s going to cost them more than a few spondulicks.


Kemmel Straight would be our default standing spot from where you can see across to La Source and that run down to Eau Rouge. Looks steep but its much more buttock clenching than it looks on the telly.
Stunning location that demands suncream & a kagool.


Dream quali for RP Force India


This is spectacularly incompetent

You gave the green light to it, you utter fucking gibbon. Why, when you clearly didn’t know the implications? Christ, if I green lighted something that big without knowing jack shit about the knock on costs …(it’d be a Tuesday?) … I’d be in serious trouble