2018 Formula 1


Missed it, again

Any good ? Any good reason for Bottas coming in 5th ?


The first lap had a flying car in it, but he landed upside down, so lost points for that.

He’s just not ‘all that’, if you know what I mean.


He was lapping okay and then when he came in for a pitstop he was not as fast as he should have been. Some rumours about a slow puncture, so went in for another (free pitstop as he was last of the fast cars and way in front of Sainz) set of tyres and came out was pretty much as slow as before. So either a car problem (unspecified or driver performance issue or combination of the two).


A Jolyon Palmer article regarding his top 3 drivers:

He has included Charles in this list. But then goes and devalues his article by saying that Sauber mired him in the midfield traffic by bringing him in too early (wrong, don’t give up your day job and be a race strategist!).

If, instead of opinioneering, you look at the data, then a different picture emerges.

Ocon was on Hypers and he stayed out (too long but doesn’t affect the result really) and ended up at the back of the midfield after he pitted. If Charles had not pitted then he would have been ahead of Ocon by around 2 - 3 secs once Hamilton and the RBR cars had overtaken him. With him pitting on the best possible lap 7 - 9 laps later, he would have come out further back in the midfield, than what we achieved by bringing him in early.


Great to see Sauber on the up this year.
Hope you continue in the same direction in 2019.
(My fantasy Formula 1 team might need your help. :smile: )


Example #52786 of broadcasters substituting ‘pizaz’ for journalism

I’m happy to hear what he has to say, but not at the expense of logic, reasoning and consistency.

Don’t think it could have been a driver performace issues, because he’s just been rather unlucky this season, and this was the race where he could let rip :slight_smile:

(Sarcasm alert)


I think I heard it may have been a rear brake caliper issue (too hot).