2018 Formula 1


Really excellent series of articles from Andrew Benson on the Alonso era on the beeb site (which won’t let me link for the app :-/ )


I read them, yes excellent. I had forgotten much of the detail especially about the Hamilton Alonso head to head issues and his the Ferrari documents. It does appear Alonso’s pre madonna attitude has lead to a relative lack of success given his skill.


The next installment in linked at the bottom of the article.


Ah, thanks for the heads up, will check it out!





I really hope it goes well for him and Williams can give him at least an OK car…


I have a notification on facebook that ‘Williams Martini Racing has changed it’s name to Williams Racing’.


Martini sponsorship was only until the end of 2018.

The fact that they haven’t announced a “naming rights” sponsor is a worry.


There were rumours a few weeks back of BWT switching form Force India, but it seems ot have gone rather quiet


One of my team pointed this link out to me:

He said that reading between the lines it was what Frank and I have said about Williams for some time. The most conservative team with many who will not change their ways of doing things. With a need for a vision, a plan and strong leadership to sort things out.


It’s the elephant in the room when talking about Williams: nobody seems to want to say it

Top down problem


Wanting to “keep it in the family” hasn’t really done them any favours.


But this one just happens to be someones life-support system too


Well that’s that then…see you next year!


I’m excited already :unamused:


One thing I hadn’t realized was that CH4 will only be showing highlights next year, apart from one race at Silverstone…

I really don’t want to subscribe to Sky :frowning:

The BBC will have Formula E though, so all is well :roll_eyes:


Yes, the “broadcast sharing” fuckwittery finally comes to an end.

“There will always be terrestrial F1”, they said.

“Cunts are lying”, I said !



Just turn the volume up to 11 :grinning: