2022 Formula One

Already excited…

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Wonder how the Russians feel about that white flag - only thing that could be better would have been this:


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Was thinking “Hope he’s not just another Tsunoda pay-per-drive 4th-rater”, then I noticed that Giovinazzi has scored less than fucking Latifi this season!

Better get used to it, the Chinese will probably just buy F1 at some point and then we can all go home.

At least their human rights record is better than Russia and the Middle Eastern countries that F1 race in……oh, hang on :woozy_face:

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Futile gesture though I know it to be, I’m probably not going to be watching the Saudi race.

F1’s always been an expensive whore, but they’ve gone too far.

And we’re missing Suzuka for this shit? C’mon… FFS.


Shit just gets shittier.

I expected the Mercan owners to distance themselves from this due to U.S. conflicts over oil. But then oil reasons happen.

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It’s nothing but ruthless £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£-grubbing by greedy cunts who don’t seem to understand how much they risk damaging the brand they own.

I can understand that kind of recklessness when you’re looking at asset-strippers in action, but F1’s only really valuable asset is its brand, the tangibles are trivial.

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