2022 Formula One

The fuck?

Will be interesting to see if he’s headed for a new job - VW / Sauber? - or got the boot

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Didn’t see that coming, off to Ferrari? :grinning:

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Caught me by surprise too. Thought Williams had done quite a lot with rather little this year. They’ve certainly bought the best out in Alex Albon for example.

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I can think of at least one person who won’t think this is a great move for Ferrari (leaving aside they should never have dumped Binotto)

Seidl leaving McLaren for Audi (Sauber) too, so there doesn’t seem to be a link to the Williams exits there

Big big loss for McLaren, you’d think



The few people I still know there say Dorliton have spent an absolutely vast amount of money, was more than they ever remember having. Not surprised they are unhappy but unconvinced anybody with authority has the foggiest idea of what to do. I think they thought just more money would fix it - which is as wrong as you can get!


When I tried to map out how you would/could build a winning team of people and then build a fast car and then use it to win the championship I couldn’t come up with a plan that could achieve it in less than 5 years. Binotto got 4, I’ll be surprised if Vasseur is as good as Binotto at anything other than scmoozing.


Frayed-derp :+1:

Thanks Frank, I’d not realised they were so well financed / poorly managed :+1:

Frank, in your experience, have there ever been instances (no names) of ‘ringers’ employed by teams but actually paid handsomely by rivals to discretely undermine them?

I realises this is conspiracy theory-tier stuff, but I’ve witnessed it in Sam’s walk of life, and teens-and-20s Ferrari seem to have such a gift for snatching ignominious defeat from the jaws of victory, that I have to wonder why they keep making such bad decisions at most levels?!

Frank, the pool of truly knowledgable designers/engineers must be very limited now. Apart from Adrian, who else in the Paddock can design and understand a car from front to back?

There is no way to learn since all the smaller formulae became one make and F1 got huge.

Not that I know of, but my era was more trying to beat the other team by being better, now the teams are >5x bigger and with far more money maybe…

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And it’s not like people would advertise it - but if there’s a Shenanigan, the likes of Horner will be up to it!

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This is a really interesting listen on a subject not a million miles to your question to Frank

Mick Schumacher to Mercedes in 2023 as reserve driver.


Wakey! Wakey!

Meh. New fangled thread nonsense.

In my day (and yours! :stuck_out_tongue: ) we had one thread and fought our way through it…

Addressing this obvious fact would require me to forego an opportunity to be a cunt, ergo - fuck that.