2022 Formula One

Edited due to me being a retard. Whats wrong with Bruce?

Spineless enabler.

Was. Still not tough enough, but has grown into the role. She is much better than she was.

Victoria Derbyshire was much better than Bruce when she stood in recently & should get it permanently. Fiona Bruce should stick to Antiques Roadshow.

Vettel did well particularly given that it’s his second language.


I think Ian Hislop is about the only person I’ve found to manage that. I gave up on it a long time ago, well before I left the UK. It’s got so much potential and yet it’s just awful.

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No she isn’t. She’s complete shit. She was only chosen to try and keep the fucking tories happy.

Antiques Fucking Roadshow was absolutely her glass ceiling.

Might as well put that ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ cunt in charge!

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Steady on there!

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I only dip in and out these days. But I noticed a stronger version of herself in a couple of recent shows.
The caveat is that I can’t attest for the regularity of that.


Bet the teams are pleased about that with budget caps and all…

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I’d imagine it’s had a mixed reception - loooooooong old season nowadays.

Perhaps some form of compensation will be offered?

Good interview with Fred by BBC Benson

Spanish Grand Prix: ‘Welcome to my world, Lewis!’ Fernando Alonso on life in F1



Lewis’ ride also got an upgrade

Pic from Carjokes

Deleted, as it sounded like I was being a nob.

As above.

Ditto that.

Beats a fishing boat in skegness on an ipad

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Wise words. I’ll not say anymore until it happens lest I tempt fate.