2022 Formula One

All the training in the Duster is about to pay off :+1::blue_car::racing_car:


In Spa’s inevitable torrents you might have an unfair advantage… :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

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Jesus wept, Ferrari have made some bizarre calls this year

Max is clearly driving incredibly well, and fully deserves this wdc, but they’ve served it up on the finest of platters


Piastri contract with McLaren confirmed for next year


Time to sack the FIA and get some group in who can run a race.
What a total fucking shambles.


Yup, they insist on self harming don’t they!?


Watched the Queens last trip from Balmoral to wherever for half an hour before realising it wasn’t the latest Formula One race under a safety car.


Lovely to see the lessons from Abu Dhabi '21 have been so thoroughly learned!

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Absofugginlutely useless.

It’d be far too easy to say the winner had it handed to them (again? :wink: ).

It was bone headed and a huge shame not to see a few, effectively low fuel new tyre, battles through the field but I don’t think it would have changed the first 2 positions.

IMO Sainz may have taken 3rd from Russell and perhaps Perez 5th from Hamilton but I don’t think Leclerc would have been able to get Verstappen.

We’ll never know now though.

The race director’s job is a hard one and Charlie Whiting is turning out to be a harder act to follow than even his most ardent fans would have thought.
The FIA seem to have thought having a large advisory group on line would help, but it obviously can’t make quick decisions.

That is why good strategists have pre thought out plans and situation updating software running so their best decision is immediately available. You often only get seconds to decide - not something for a committee.


Get well soon.


That is a worry

I had mine out in my 20’s in a big rush, I had similar problems/complications.

Weird shit (sometimes literally) happens when you mix intense vagal nerve ‘stimulation’ with anaesthesia. Glad both of you are OK!

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Good news on Albon…


Nice one :ok_hand:

Toto is reported to have said that the tools at Merc are not good enough to help fix their problems.

I posted this at PFM in response to a link to his comments and thought that posters here might be interested:

I have not talked to anyone at Merc about all this, but have talked to others at different teams and along with my understanding of vehicle performance can put together the likely scenario.

The wind tunnel data would not show any stall, due to a compliant floor for example. The wind tunnel metrics would not have been modified to give any indication of ground effect problems, and hence the development path followed would have gone into areas that were not stable in the chase for downforce.

The data from the wind tunnel supplied to the simulation users would not have shown what was required to predict the porpoising problems in advance. And hence the vehicle ride configuration would not have considered any possible porpoising.

Merc’s aero solution continues to be a very low rake car. That means that the aero is more sensitive to ride height changes. This means that porposiing on their car would be worse than the high rake cars.

So in summary a series of mistakes, poor communication and poorly informed design decisions that took Merc quite some time to unravel and would have resulted in compromises in downforce and possibly ride to make the car work in a more effective operating window.

Definitely not a consultancy opportunity for me as the egos in charge would not want an outsider to come in and do their jobs! And more importantly I do not want to have to deal with some of the toxic egos that are in leadership positions down there. I am much happier being semi retired and choosing who I talk to and work with!


Thanks for the update Ian, such as my memory is, I think you and Frank pretty much guessed this would be the case at the very start of the season :+1: