2023 Formula One

Entertaining race, with some entertaining racing - that’ll do for me :ok_hand:

Max was positively rewarded for his usual antics, notwithstanding the one penalty for the most obvious of his efforts.

No getting away from the fact that’s it’s also a visually compelling place for a night race - Abu Dhabi’s going to look even more dismal than usual…

Watching the Sky f1 coverage on recording, not watched the race yet but can’t help thinking that Martin Brundle’s pit walk has broken the concept of cringe tv beyond repair… … :exploding_head::nauseated_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:
Brings a whole new meaning to “Thundercunt!”

I only ever watch the qualifying and races.
The rest is garbage


The preamble bollox was :face_vomiting: The grid must have been a nightmare for anybody with work to do as well, like Monaco.
The race was indeed fantastic the layout and grip lebel meant those cars hard on tyres qualified better than their true pace and those that use the tyres well struggled with 1-lap grip. Perfect for better racing.


The supposed logo for the AlphaTauri F1 rebrand has been leaked.

The logo and the word mark “Racing Bulls” was trademarked in the European Union by Red Bull GmbH earlier this year.


Must taken them literally seconds to come up that!


Obvious edit is obvious…




Bag of cinders for you this year… :stuck_out_tongue:

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If he is flying to Bahrain with Marko it doesn’t look like he will lose his job

He never was going to - more a matter of how much he’s going to have to contribute to the hush-money payout…

Yeah, got done by the fact there are bloody loads of F1 threads to cock it up on!
A quick search reveals 20 threads over the years!

Were there, perchance, 20 years??

How long do you think this forum has been running?

If only there was a Mod with an interest in F1 who would close the old threads!

This one for instance :grinning:

Your wish…etc. :grinning: