2023 Formula One

Scraping the barrel.
(Carry on).


Now that Herra Bottas has departed, I can say how nice it was to meet him while he had his Christmas and New Year hols in NZ.


Williams have appointed James Vowles (ex of Mercedes) as new team principal.
On the beeb website but useless at cut and paste on a phone…


Et voila…


I gave JV a job at BAR many, many years ago to develop race strategy models and apply them. Like many that I employed, they overtook me and became big names within F1 (not something that I wanted to achieve but also I do not have the skill set to do what any of them did!).

It will be interesting to see what happens there as they have finished, last, last, last, 8th (beating the 2 Ferrari engined teams who were hamstrung by Ferrari powerplant team breaking the rules the year before) and last.


Sounds very much like my career. I’ve seen many people whom I’ve nurtured, go on to attain heights that I would never hope (nor wanted) to achieve.

I DO take pride in the fact that I helped and guided them along that journey.


Lets hope he gets a decent run at the job and isn’t outed after a poor first year,

Any new TP will need more than a year to turn Williams round after 17 years going back down the grid and the last 5 years being last (one year in 8th).

It is going to be a very challenging job and he will need a lot of help and some new people to help turn them round.


Sadly, the new owners don’t seem to have THAT level of patience.

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They don’t.

I understand that many people have left Williams, some of their own free will and others have been pushed out. With no time to see the results of these changes, we will never know if Capito and Demaison could have turned Williams around at all.

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It’s a shame and I wonder how long it will be until a rebranding.
It will be sad day when the Williams name will no longer be on the grid. Although, watching it trundle around at the back isn’t what I wish to see either.
Frank Williams got me interested in F1 back in 1977.
It feels like the sad end.

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That’s awful, scary young too. I hope she can make a good recovery.

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It’s incredibly unusual for someone so senior to go directly to another team, Shirley?

No gardening leave?

Everyone seems happy.

I don’t know much about him other than he sounds remarkably patient when having to explain to Lewis how strategy works, or getting told to fuck off by the Bottas

I suspect because Merc don’t see their customer team as a genuine threat.

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True that

It is an interesting one.
It probably means they don’t believe he is in possesion of knowledge which may directly help Williams to improve, unlike some engineers would.


Don’t worry, he wouldn’t know which button to press. He’d probably lock 20 or 30 random threads instead :clown_face:

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Hi Frank.

Spot on of course!

There are some other aspects that also make this a good thing for all concerned, which I cannot go into on a public forum!

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