2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Done :+1:









Resetting PAYPAL password cause I fecked it up, may be a few days, grrrrrrrr.




Send him some wood, just as good :joy:





List updated


PAOD ? Should I be worried ?



Some sort of unkind reference to the NS-1000s?


Only when the time comes


It’s alright he has disconnected the tweeters on them. :rofl:


Funnily enough, he uses them with exactly the kind of lowish-powered polite-sounding vintage amps that received wisdom would suggest are a hopeless match - and the combo sounds great.


Indeed it does :+1:


I have now paid the lopwell invoice in full.

Hopefully I have ticked off all those that have paid if I’ve missed you drop me a message.

I’m in no rush for those still to pay as this is the brekky/essentials kitty. I would suggest it be paid before the end of April so if someone does drop out they can be refunded immediately.

Thanks fella’s nearer the time I’ll post up the bits I’m making / bringing, feel free to join in, but home made booze and bread will feature


Paid now. :+1:


Ran this through dealer scum translation service for correctness:

= Fucking pay


I was trying to be subtle, not my usual modus operandi


Good luck getting money out of Darren :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: