2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off



You left your fag pen

Pm your address and I’ll post it back to you


Yeah, they’re not worth a special trip back. I’ll incur the wrath of Khan and pick them up next year :slight_smile:


Was it the wizard ones?


Happy to get them if needed.


Think it’d be wise. Did John say where they were?


Is the code on the front or back door?


How many cake tins are there,i’ll pop down after the footie.


There are two one is inside the other and they on the wooden shelf at the back of the dining table


Stu for the front door, I couldn’t work out how to lock back door !!! I left a message with Jon but he hasn’t got back to me yet…

See if you can and then rip the piss


Back home at last.
Thanks to everyone who contributed (that will be everyone!) to a fantastic weekend.
the rain stopped at the Devon border more or less, we could do with some here it is sweltering!
I manged to leave nothing behind (I think) as I failed to bring any music in the first place, it was sitting here by the door all packed when I got home.
There was a letter on the doorstep from my Diabetic consultant when I got home, he is obviously a lurker on the forum and worked out where I was for the weekend.


Just to add my HUGE thanks to the organisers and those who bought kit, meat and heroic amounts of booze (Terry notably !) for another great weekend. Today’s rain on the way from Lopwell to about Taunton on the M5 was epic - double windscreen wipers, sheets of water across all 3 lanes, but then I drove through the front and the outside temperature, according to the car thermometer, rose from 16C to 30C. I was back in hot Oxon by 15:15, so 4 hours less a few minutes door-to-door.

Don’t be too hard on the Brownies Guy, I’m sure piracy is a mistake anyone could make :grin:.



Thanks guys for a truly memorable weekend. Too much food, too much booze (?), great banter (even if most was at my expense), not enough played on the outdoor system (well done Bob), indoor system was excellent except for the CD player that had a “taste chip” fitted (:rage:). R2R isn’t the future but it sure is fun.
Epic food;
Pete’s chilli, Mark’s shortbread, Andy and Adam’s breakfasts, John’s breads and pizza, Ritchie’s pork, Guy’s skewers, it was all a triumph.
Foo coffee courtesy of Ritchie :+1:
Fantastic setting.
Lopwell Barn is a great venue, just lacking ventilation and snoring shields (fat, middle aged farting/grunting males have special requirements).
Special thanks to Guy, Stu and Matt.

Long may it continue.


Sorry, couldn’t resist that one :grinning:
It was perfect timing though!


I’ve gone off you :unamused:


It’s now sunny and probably hotter than yesterday



My velux were not put in, but the lake when i arrived has all but evaporated away


Another massive thank you to everyone there this weekend, especially Adam and Andy for the epic brekkies, Ritchie for the equally epic pork, Pete for the chilli and Terry for the beer. Big big extra thanks to the organisers too.

But thanks are due to everyone for making the whole weekend a brilliant success. Brilliant food, brilliant music (mostly…:wink:) but most of all, brilliant company.

Can’t wait for the Northern edition in September!


Graeme @Valvebloke was that Peatbog Faeries album called Dust ?

I hope so cos it’s the one I just bought :grinning:


Disappointingly, I went to the loo this morning and Wayne had left a floater…


Yup, that’s the one. As is so often the case the first track - Calgary Capers - is the best (IMHO, of course).