2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Listening to it now. It has all the elements I like, so not wasted.


Thank you very much to all the organisers, helpers and everybody. Great weekend, sadly I missed out on the group snoring and farting over night.

Great food, loved the pork and the fruit pudding.

Got back via delivering the records to Darren. Bobc has just left to go home with a pre so he can listen to brass band music.

Thankfully, prog was limited to a short session (just one track).

Great to meet you all again.

Oh and Adam & Mark actually liked some of my LPs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Despite them being some way away, and there is a slight breeze away from my nose towards them, I can smell my feet from here. Two solid days in sandals :heart_eyes:


My wife is not enjoying lopwell pong


Not surprised, Joblot did better albums.


Epic weekend, many thanks to the organisers and everyone. Brilliant location, kayaking on the estuary was great. Food… both quality and quantity went to 11. Listening to 70s stuff on R2R at 2am brought back the aroma of joss sticks and dope. Looking forward to the September bash (a few places now available after some dropouts…).
Oh, and that photo of the Lebowski has a rival:






My daughter just marched into the bathroom while I was having a bath and demanded to wash me thoroughly “in case I don’t do it right”.





Jim in prime listening position, again


Fucking epic weekend.

Nice to be home at last, it’s like the tail end of a wet dream.

Big thanks to the organisers, such a relaxing weekend.


Loved your axe work :+1:


Bob plays heavy metal guitar?? I must have missed something. Never knew that.


It was great playing round his ankle


As he went for the axe the first time, it dropped just short of his bonce


Fucking scary, that !


Pete suggested that next time we produce pancakes. That way we can call it Tapes & Crepes.

I told him to fuck off.


Still got a massive grin on my face after a fabulous weekend.

Has it been booked for 2019 yet? :slightly_smiling_face: