2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


Are the cake tins like baking trays,if not i’ve taken the wrong things

Was lovely weather again around 6ish with water tumbling over the weir


Compared to this morning, you wouldn’t think it was the same place :anguished:


Patch looks happy, is everything fucked and dead?


He killed 2 fisherman,and mounted a canoeist


No they are pink/white/red tins with lids. Don’t worry.


I’ll have x3 frying pans a ladle and some chop sticks if your popping back in there Stu


Did he leg rape that pasty fat bloke who had his top off as Tuff Bob tried to charm his missus whilst holding a surprise sausage behind his back?

#oldfashionedcourting; #sausageseductiontechnique


Pete suggested that next time we produce pancakes. That way we can call it Tapes & Crepes.

Tis nouveau Riche from the brioche hunter


Hi John, thanks for leaving the place clean, it always helps. Glad you had a great time and look forward to seeing you next year. The place is becoming very popular so I would get your dates in fairly soon. Thanks, Jon


Not the 29th June. Cranage.


Summer solstice, The Schumann waves are at their peek (Or the same as this year? )


Great weekend, thanks everyone. Having said that, it’s been nice to make a coffee this morning without getting ripped apart. :grin:


But they all appreciated and enjoyed your good coffee.


‘Still waiting’ jokes in 3-2-1…


Ritchie’s foo coffee - more faff than R2R :smile:

If it’s convenient, it’s not coffee.


It’s that inconvenient and it tastes like tea

A nice tea mind …


Could someone tell me the name of the place, looks like a great base for a holiday.


I am now on eBay looking for a cheap kayak too.


Address: Lopwell Barn, Lopwell Dam, Buckland Monachorum Plymouth, PL6 7BZ


Fancy living in Devon? Need a change of direction? This could be for you