2nd annual sou'wester - AKA Tapes and Capes kick off


The area looks fantastic for a holiday. Whether this particular building would be suitable (or available) might need some thought. It’s a hostel, with bunk beds for 16 people in two dormitories. The facilities match this. They’re not ‘hotel standard’ but they’re fine for a few days.



no but with so much space available there would be room for a butler, footman, scullery maid, ladies maid and chef - which would help make ones stay more comfortable



I stayed here, which is 1.8miles away. Nice rooms and breakfast. Quaint village near Lopwell.




Great, cheers.


Just had a look at the website, not much more expensive than camping but less hastle.


That would be my duties sorted then.


Thanks all for a fucking epic weekend, those breakfasts were fantastic and I’m still farting them away this morning.

Interesting time driving back in the mini as it spent most of the journey through devon water skiing.


It is a great base to explore cornwall and the moors. And very cheap


Great weekend and thanks for all the effort everyone puts in. It reminds me of scalford in the way it runs,looks chaotic yet runs smoothly

Some great music played throughout the weekend


Could someone pm me details of the person to speak to about availability and booking - I can see a great opportunity to get a bunch of friends, family and teenagers away from their phones and off exploring for a few days.


http://lopwellbarn.co.uk/ - I assume


Wayne I’ve dropped a pm with Jon’s number, you can online and check availability


Cheers, that’s the ticket :+1:


I’m doing the same next year with my family


Astra passenger foot well doubles as store cupboard for the breakfast/lunch/dinner of champions.


I note the scissors are ready in case some drive-by tailoring (or emergency adjustment to your luxurious bouffant) is called for.


I am not sure if this image belongs in the Tate or Porn Hub? I need nappings


Another deeply enjoyable weekend at the barn made that much better by the good weather this time around, Some magnificent efforts with the food most notably with Pete’s Chilli, Ritchie’s pork, the magnificent scones and the bowl of rum with a few bits of pineapple in it.

The pizza making also seemed to go well.

Had a lovely expedition with David downriver through the lush greenness and on into the estuary where it widens out. Followed some really substantial mullet coming back upstream too. Must bring fishing rod next year & waste an hour or so chasing them.

No response yet from the thieving girl guide scum who nicked my kayak paddle. May need to escalate that one.

Adam’s JBLs were a great success in the living room producing some startlingly deep bass at times & seemed to sound good either in the room or even out on the lawn.

Some memorable music too, in particular John’s Narcos themed Daptone record that felt just right for us members of the hawaiian shirt wearing Lopwell cartel. (Have you a link to that one?)

All in all a fun relaxing weekend. Looking forward to the next one.


Looked an absolutely amazing weekend. Gutted I missed it , hopefully I can make the next one.