3 Northern Monkeys head to Big Town

I’m headed to London in October for a few days meet-up with some old friends from home.

We won’t be prioritizing any tourist nonsense, just wandering, chatting shit, and – insofar as our livers don’t pack up – drinking a few pints

And that’s where the northern monkey gene kicks in. We’re clueless when it comes to this, as we’d normally stay somewhere handy for getting Harry Fucking Potter Land and the Queen.

Any suggestions of which neighborhoods offer decent options for boozers, decent grub that doesn’t cost more than my flight from DK and cheapish digs?

I’ve left the accommodation choice to the two friends, who’ve so far come up with Kensington and Shoreditch, which seem remarkably different TBH, but what the hell do I know

There’s a Premier Inn near Kings Cross that my work colleagues used to call the “good enough”, in that it’s well placed and ok. The area is handy for everywhere, you can visit Spiritland, there are historic and great boozers close by and food for whatever budget you want.

Edit: could be the Travelodge Farringdon

I quite liked Greenwich when we had to use it as a base for work at the docklands.
Close to everywhere

Islington is quite lively and youngish.

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Er, yes… :man_facepalming::rofl:

Another vote for Kings Cross area, plenty local to do and close to everything else. :+1:

Not South Kensington it’s expensive but try Notting Hill.

Note Rough Trade Record Shop😍

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Posh, expensive.

Achingly hipster. It’s actually illegal not to wear selvedge denim in Shoreditch.

Good shout. Plenty of reasonable (for London) eateries and drinkeries.

Again, :+1:

From me? Brixton? Lots to eat and drink. Pretty trendy now.

South of the river? :scream:

Remind me where you live.

Is it London?


Stayed there with Strayan friends (over on a holiday a couple of years ago). Decent enough value, with a Bar & Block downstairs. Good choice of eating and drinking around the area. And, of course, close to The Tube.

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Travelodge at Liverpool Street. The locale kicks off on Friday night, bit dull on Saturday by comparison, but you have the tube. Don’t know if Friday night is back up and running post Covid. Place was full of City workers when I was there last.

South is but North is cheap.

It has picked up a bit, but is still really quiet. The West End and Shoreditch is where it’s at at the moment.

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Dancing girls in hot pants, a fair few of them complete with burly minders, them London streets really were paved in gold👌

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Unless you live and/or work there, it’s hard to believe how quiet it really is.

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I remember going out on the Friday and thinking my kind of place, Saturday should be fun. Couldn’t have been more wrong, like a ghost town come Saturday.

London cabbies reaction! :grinning:

King’s X-

we regularly stay plenty choice of places to stay. Plenty of trad pubs within walking distance, 3 breweries within walking distance, plenty of places to eat. Nice taproom in Euston.

if you fancy Indian (mainly veg) but damned good, get yourself to Drummond Street next to Euston Station

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only if you want to be mixing with hipster twats. It’s OK but way over rated IME.

There’s fuckall else going on at the moment.