3rd annual Sou'wester 14_16 June 2019 it's BACK ON AT LOPWELL


See above various sleeping positions






Nice one John.


I seem to be missing.


So do I.


How do I pay and am I on the Lopwell list or not?


Now on


Your on the roughsleepingbags list


If you’re happy to bring a sleeping bag/ camping bed there is space in the bunkrooms and some may drop from the original list?

It’s your choice


I will send a pm with a PayPal address later


No worries happy to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.




Have I paid anything yet? Could you let me know if you need £25 or £27 or whatever? Sorry for being so useless, it just comes naturally.


Money tight this month and as i wasnt a definite im happy to drop out and give my place to someone else.
If i am able to get there im good in a small tent somewhere if possible


Me too






Anybody that seems to be missing will be those that were added after the original thread moved to dartmoor. I’ll have a proper look later when I’ve got five and sort out the order of replies.
There will be a subs bench I guess…


Nobody has paid anything yet apart from guy