401 - shouldn't this be easy?

Probably a stupid question with a very obvious answer, but here we go.

I’m trying to remove my wonderful :confused: 401 from it’s plinth.

I’ve removed the nuts from the 4 mounting bolts and the unit is still firmly stuck in the plinth; won’t budge a millimetre !

What have I missed ?


Wouldn’t surprise me Jim !

Have you tried turning it upside down and given it a good shake?

Thought not :grin:

Not yet, but given enough time and a couple more :beers:


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Seriously could there be a strip of rubber insulated between the two? If so this can really stick over time. Gentle heat with a hair dryer might help.

Don’t tempt me !

Nice plinthed 401, OL Silver, AT33PGII - £650 anyone ?

Rubber washers stuck?

Early mid or late production?

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I’m only trying to extricate it so that you can look at it.

It’s been nought but hassle since I got it :slight_smile:

This is becoming the best sales pitch ever :hugs:


It’s supposed to be on its way to Matt, but …

At first glance that looks like @J_B’s cartridge fettling hammer, but there doesn’t appear to be enough rust from the salty tears of frustration and angst. Perhaps he polished it before he headed off on his jollies…:thinking:


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Confused by confusing editing confuse.

Relax dude. It’ll all be ok. Have a drink and let it all wash past you…

Nah. Off to work soon :frowning_face: