55 inch 4K Television

I am thinking of buying a new tv and wanted to pick your brains.
55 inch (maybe 65inch) 4K OLED or QLED
PRICE: £1000 - 2500 but like a bargain.

55 LG OLED from richer sounds. Nice warranty, under 1k at the mo I think


I got a 65 LG oled for 1.6.
Can’t fault it. Open box as they were closer to 1900 otherwise, reduced.

Love my LG OLED.

I bought a 55” 4K just after Christmas. I couldn’t stretch to an OLED, but I certainly had a good look at a few.

For me, the upper level Samsungs & LGs were the best, very little between them, then the Sonys, which surprised me because I’ve always been a Sony fan.

The curved screens are a waste of time, and look shit from anything but the optimal angle (pretty much Jim’s seat).

All of them sound shit, budget for a decent sound bar/sub, or an AV amp and speakers.

Hisense are excellent and very well priced.

They do one with a built in Roku box which should be good too

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I have a 43" in the conservatory, works really well off the built in wifi. I looked at some bigger screens when I bought it, they looked excellent.

LG OLED we have 55

LG have been making some great tellies of late but the X Series (current model year) has lost all the UK TV catch up services (licensing fuck up) so the 9 prefix models B9/C9 etc are actually better for normal use.

The best of the bunch at the moment are the Panasonics but the Philips models are good too. Everyone building an OLED is doing so with the same panel so it comes down to control software and processing. With your budget, right now, I’d go for the Panasonic HZ1500 but really, there isn’t a shit TV at this price.

LG make them all, but I think Sony have now started?
It’s as much about what you will use it with as well. The entire LG range is the same telly but with better sound or add ons.
Like he said, they are all good.

Panasonic OLED would be my choice. I have an 2018 55FZ802B and its brilliant, great upgrade from my 42" Panasonic Plasma.

Vast majority of the OLED panels are made by LG themselves its really the features/processing you are deciding with the various brands.

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Not at TV size, no. LG Display is the only producer of full size OLED panels.


How the fuck do you watch all of them? Some must be unused? :thinking:


A few good options here:


If you want a bargain this is superb value.

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I got a 55" LG OLED last year from John Lewis for £1100 inc a 5 year guarantee, much better than the Samsung it replaced. It doesn’t have the super duper cpu chip but it does 4k and TV well enough.

LG OLED55B8SLC OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55

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Thanks for this great info guys. I’m thinking 2020 LG 55 inch Oled Model at the moment. Cheers.


The cats like to watch wherever they want


We bought a 65" LG OLED C9 last year. The Panasonic’s have the best picture. But, the LG are substantially cheaper and have an excellent picture and a great operating system. The LG remote is excellent too.

We ummed and arred about what size to get as our lounge isn’t huge. We went for the bigger screen. Thank God we did. The screens are so thin these days you can easily get away with a larger size.