55 inch 4K Television

Erring towards the LG 55C series as Hel wants a stand and doesn’t want to mount it for reasons that baffle me and reasons that will change as and when and only when the C has arrived :man_facepalming:

I think the G is meant to be wall mounted? Unless you use a third party stand faff?

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You don’t get the swanky MLA panel but it’ll still look great and it’s much less of a pig to standmount.

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Decided 2024 is going to be Operation New TV in which the brave husband attempts to flog the idea of a new, larger but unnecessary TV to his wife who watches 90% more TV than him anyway.


Sony A95L


I am watching Chingachook, Last of the Plasmas

Anybody we know ?

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Philips, without the soundbar if you have it wired into speaker system, with if you don’t. Once you go Ambilight you don’t go back.

Always loved Ambilight but the room isn’t laid out for it sadly :frowning:

What I really want is to watch telly at @edd9000’s until I die.

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Teribil Cinemas unlimited is available for a very reasonable fee.


Teribil Wednesdays

I don’t watch TV, but how is this a thing ?

The TV really needs to be close to a back wall to get the benefit of Ambilight. If it’s in a corner or on a stand more than six inches from the wall you really don’t get the benefit of it and it can also look patchy. Wall mounted, watching films in a dark room, it’s fantastic. The bias lighting really draws you into the picture and makes the screen feel larger than it actually is. It provides a more immersive experience.

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Ah. OK, I understand why now. Thank you.

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:rofl::rofl: Legend trolling

This is your solution. Don’t have to use the ambilight if you want.

I had provisionally agreed with the wife on a much cheaper 55” telly. We went to the shop and looked at them. She decided we had to spend more money on the oled.
She is alright is my wife. Very tolerant lady. Think I comes from having to deal with 30 6-7 year olds 5 days a week.


Think it comes from PTSD :smile:

The problem with Phillips is that they use Android TV and it’s dogshit. I’ve moved to using it as a dumb TV because it’s so annoying. The TV itself is great.

I preferred the menu system on it to others when we got it.

Seems alright. We live on a diet of mostly Netflix and BBC mind, so are not using it that much.
Ambilight is a good thing though.

The answer is probably a new house with a THX system and the most massive of 8k tellies.
Strictly would be proper ace on that.