AA football predictor


done. and looking for my usual 30-70 points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Fwiw, I’ve done mine.

Let the relegation fight commence


On guard


20 so far. Feckin’ bollocks :confounded:


10 for me,might shut the league down


10 for me too . Football is wank


110 so far. I got one wrong… CHELSEA!


Great result for Argyle today


It was . Cracking game . Two very evenly matched teams . Made a huge difference to us today getting our main striker back .


Great recovery today by Guy to stay on top.

If you hadn’t noticed, there is a full midweek fixture list as well as the usual weekend one.


That was lucky!
I hadn’t checked thinking I got 0 pts today!


Where did you score today Guy?


40 points from Saints v the Arse


I got a grand total of 30 :roll_eyes:.

Grand old weekend though. Really enjoyed watching Maureen and Klopp make tits of themselves on the TV. Maureen’s whinge was spectacularly stupid and Kloop’s melthdown, well…:heart_eyes:.


I had The Arsenal and Hubcaps to win and Utd v Citeh to draw. Null points.


After 200 points last week normal service was resumed for me this weekend . If it wasn’t for the correct score on the scouse derby it’d have been a lot worse . 60 points for me .
Looking forward to sending the Liverpool fan in work over the edge today though :rofl:


Yeah, that’s only about the 83rd time you’ve fucking mentioned it…:smirk:


Have you read the news about Maureen’s meltdown? It is the gift that keeps on giving…


It’s a bit crowded at the top of the league - 3 of us on the same points.


Half decent week for me after several weeks of total rubbish. Obviously an outlier and a return to being gash at prediction beckons…:disappointed: