AA football predictor


Predictions in. Was wank this week: 60 which included a 40 pointer. Absolute wank,


Lol, better than me - 40 points. Atrocious!


Lol 20, my worst week


You got 30


Oh it mustn’t have updated



I;m just glad I;ve got more points than Mgps02


Shite got caught up in kids stuff and missed the games tonight,


Fixture list is up to get your scores in.


cracking week for me . What’s the odds everyone else has !


Don’t forget it is an instant red card offence for anyone scoring 200+ in one week.

(this doesn’t apply to whoever created the league)


:disappointed: 90 :disappointed:


Dropped to 3rd. Looks like a pattern of slowly dropping down the table is my fate. :fearful:


Mid table mediocrity is my heady goal. Recent scores would suggest that it’s more likely that I’ll be battling relegation.


Sadly the bottom 2 will be relegated to a forum called “Best Headrests and wing mirrors from 71-96”


Looks like I’ll be following the Palace and trying to stay out of relegation


Welcome to my miserable life


130 this week and I am now in second place.


Really? You don’t look a day over 117.


Ha ha aaah!


Get your scores in