AA football predictor


20 pints so far. Fuck…


Thought you were off the sauce :smirk:


FUUUUUCK! Freudian sip if ever there was one.

I dread to think what 2 pints might do to me after the best part of 2 years on the dry…with the exception of a certain afternoon out in February.


30 for me. Bournemouth scoring in the last minute messed me up. Man U as well.


30 for me


Anyone having probs logging on for today’s games, mine hasn’t updated yesterday’s games either


I’m not able to log in. Hopefully it will update this morning in time for today’s games.


Same here.


Looks like it is fixed now,get your scores in.


Missed the Brighton game. But the rest done.


Missed 10 points!


Missed all predictions today. Bugger!


Excellent - I have a chance :+1:


I got 90 today after missing B v B and Leicester scoring a 3rd goal. (I had 2-0)


Don’t forget to get your scores in


Anyone got 4-3 ??




I had 2-1 on the predictor and 2-2 and 3-3 with the bookies


I had 2-4. I knew there would be goals. Well done to Liverpool - great performance.


I have scored zero points this week, and I didn’t forget to put my predictions in.