AA football predictor


There’s still a game to play (Man Utd vs Stoke).


I know. I’m announcing my shame early. I have United to win 2-0 BTW. I’ll be fucked off if they do, I want a perfect zero now.

I expect the game to be utter shite too.


Coming after ya cleopatontheya


Stoke to bounce back after Hughes going 1-1…although i also have 2-0 on the predictor.


Bit late,but get your scores in


There are games tomorrow and Wednesday, so get your scores in ASAP.


Done mine for this weekend.


High score weekend so far!!


Usual piss-poor sub-mediocrity from me


I meant for everyone ,including you Mr modesty


No,have done rubbish.


Doh, I was looking at last week’s …apologies if everyone is back to the usual shite and near wins


With the bottom 10 being so bunched up,it’s bloody hard to predict any matches between them
I will be complaining to Fifa
Pissed off,


I’m on 20 points so far and Everton have made sure that score won’t change, so unless it is a bonanza tomorrow and Monday my predictions are the usual :poop:


Don’t forget to get your predictions in for tomorrow.


New fixtures up.

Have they updated your points in the league table yet? ie the results from Sunday 25th Feb.
I ended up with 80 last time (according to the results page) yet I’m only shown as having earned 70 in the table.


Same here, scored 90 showing 80



Not sure,my scores are so bad i’ve stopped looking


I think I will lose my top spot this week having got nothing today. Went with my heart.


Unclepuncle stylee next week then?