AA football predictor


Normal service has been resumed


Didn’t save mine. Fucking arse flange


8/10 for improvised use of ‘flange’, always a favourite here, and always good for a chuckle.


Don’t forget your scores,reduced amount of games due to FA cup


Get your scores in,early kick off at Palace tomorrow.


Got mine in just in time. Phew.


Next weeks scores are up and ready.


Whoever keeps & updates the points scored seems to have buggered off.


I’m just doing some number tampering


The leagues have been regenerated. I’m back up to 3rd. :slight_smile:


Well played. Three good weeks in a row have returned me to being either bang average or as good as @malbec. :thinking:


But…but…but I’m not very good



The top scorer overall is on 3250, that is nearly 1000 more than you and I. I am ranked 18,633 out of 433,735. This seems good until you realise that 400,000 of the 433,735 are Rocky with forgotten password, and 20,000 of the remaining 33, 375 are regularly too pissed to put in their predictions.

Let’s face it Dave, we’re shite…


…and we know we are


Some monster scores last weekend.


That’s my ranking as well :expressionless:


We are the same, you and I.



Except that you probably use skills and expertise whilst digesting many stats. I, on the other hand, prefer to rely on luck and blind ignorance whilst ALWAYS predicting a win for the Mighty Palace and a huge loss for The Scum thereby depriving myself of at least 20 points every week


I had Chelsea to win 3-1 when I thought that Spuds would get something. Like 1-3!


Anyone who backs against their own team or suggests anything other than a hideous defeat for their rivals needs to take a good hard look at themselves. I had Everton to beat Citeh, and Palace to beat that other lot last week :rage:.

I have also dropped huge numbers of points by expecting Huddersfield/Southampton/WBA to score :roll_eyes:.