AA football predictor


Bit of a dilemma for United fans, they play City this weekend. :sunglasses:


What’s the dilemma? I want Utd to win & (particularly if City play a weakened team) I think they could.

If there’s lots to play for in the 2nd leg of the CL 1/4 final I’d expect a very different City to if they are leading (or losing) 5-0.


Gutted, WiFi here at the house took a nose dive, so missed all of the big scores.


Lots of draws and a sprinkling of away wins. I am expecting to be very upset when I look at my scores.


I scored a big fat zero which after being scuppered by French WiFi last week I’m in a serious relegation fight…with myself


60 points today. Arse. I wonder how @malbec did?


A very generous 20 points for me :rage:


Chicken dinner :facepunch:


Update: tally for the week now 30 points.

Take that ya feckers!! :wink:


A miserable 60 for this week :slightly_frowning_face:

Get your tips in now for West Ham tonight and the other mid-week games. I have fallen 20 behind @Malbec and 10 behind PilPil (is that @stu?) in the battle to be completely fecking mediocre. I am asymptoting towards awful.


Thanks for the reminder. I need all the points I can get if i’m going to hold on to third place. :slight_smile:


I’ve given up …missed 5 weeks in total


I forgot the West Ham game. :angry:


Ditto ^^^^


Correctly assuming a score draw I managed to predict it would be 2-20. Doh!
Only noticed when i went back to look.


Completely missed yesterday’s games but I don’t think i’d have got any points anyway. I managed to get Stoke - Burnley correct so not a complete blank this week.


100 this week.


Get your scores in,game tomorrow


Only got the Man City score correct


Bollocks, forgot tonight’s game.