AA football predictor

Well done Simon. Champion. :+1::wine_glass::cake:

Well done Simon -

Well done Simon. I gave up as I couldn’t either log in or get it to save forecasts for about three or four weeks running.

Well done Simon but only about a thousand points between 2nd & 7th is quite surprising

Thanks everyone. I had a very lucky start when there were some unexpected results and even spent a few weeks first overall, which I hated as I started to worry about predictions :rofl:

Since then things have settled down and I averaged about the same as everyone else here, with always about 1500 to 2000 between me and Stu.

If we go again next season it will only prove this was beginners luck :+1:


Ps, there will be an open bus parade through Stockport, in the rain, at some to-be-determined point in the future. Looking forward to seeing you all there :grin:

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Well done to all who completed the season.:clown_face:

Same old, Same old.

Unclepounce out!

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I did the honourable thing and resigned half way through the season when my performance was not up to the expected standard.
Wonder if Ole will be as humble.

I guess he’ll have a go at trying to shift some costly deadwood & build his own team. I’d be disappointed (and very surprised) if he gave up without even trying.

That could by my epitaph.:+1:

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Are we doing it again this season?
I’ve put my random ‘stabs in the dark’ in although what Sheffield Wednesday are doing playing Bournmouth this weekend is anyone’s guess.

Can’t we just crown Dave the champion now and save all the hassle.:unamused:

Also I think I may have been relegated last season.:weary:

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I’m in for another season of heartache.

I’m in this season. Done!

Also in the Wam/Abattoir Premier Fantasy Football League

I’m in and I’ll probably predict the whole season to save trying to remember to do it every week.
Whats the code for the mini league?

I’m in
Starting with guessing first 4 weeks of fixtures, but who on earth knows how half of these teams will play

Can’t seem to log in on my iPad - will try on my iMac later.
Is it the same mini league as last year (which I set up) or have you started a new one?

It seems to be the same AA league with everything set back to zero.

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I tried, it told me there was already an account associated with my email address, I couldn’t remember my username, and to reset my password it said I needed to email the administrator - I gave up

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