AA football predictor


It’s a marathon not a sprint! No doubt most of us will forget to make at least one set of predictions. (Midweek games are the worst).


Don’t forget your scores for this weekend


Thanks for the reminder - I had forgotten. Fortunately I am now on course for 400 ponts this week.


I had forgotten to save my predictions, many thanks. I also had forgotten to send @NAM a reminder about the AAAC tomorrow, so that got done too.

I’m very tired now…


Did you remind us last week?


2 weeks ago i did,i’ll try and put a reminder up each week.


Sounds like you need a reminder to remind yourself to post a reminder :smile:


Was international break last week :+1:


110 this week. Two fully correct predictions.


It was a good week for you and @pmac. I was really struggling until I got the Burnley result correct.


My results are similar to my team - shite!!


Get your scores in,there is a match tomorrow night.


All done here :ok_hand:


Shite forgot about last night’s game , still when one is fighting at the bottom of the table this early in the season, it’s all maintaining the disenchanted fan’s illusion of greatness


90 points this week, saved by getting two matches correct (WBA v WHU, the most nailed on 0-0 for yonks and Bournemouth - Brighton). The only other points came from taking City to beat Watford. An utter disaster was narrowly avoided, but is most likely just around the corner.


What did you predict for the mancs v toffees?


I went 2-0 and was properly hacked off when the 3rd went in!


I always predict victory for Everton, even when it is obviously futile. They are a bit shite at present. We need Coleman and Bolasie back pronto and a mobile centre-forward in January if we are not going to play Calvert-Lewin (which I think we should).


You can have Benteke for the price of a bag of chips


Your price is too high. Also, allow me to help here:

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Mobile: In short, not fucking Benteke.