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You could have just said ‘fuck off, no way’


Congratulations to @unclepuncle on being the only one of us to get 100 points this week.



The Liverpool defending they highlighted on MoTD was extraordinary. Burnley could easily have won that game.


I was trying to be helpful. I thought your comprehension of the phrase ‘mobile’ was in need of a polishing.

No need to thank me.



I am aware of the meaning of the word mobile and how it doesn’t relate to Benteke, hence my (hopeful) swap with a bag of chips. I shall contact the board and say the BOC is a no goer. I am sure, however, should you come back with a counter offer they will accept it regardless of what it is.


We were going to offer a half eaten kebab, but it turns out that Wayne had that when he got in from a sesh a couple of weeks ago.


Maybe Benteke could be Wayne’s driver for a couple of years


Put them both on a lack of mobility scooter perhaps?


I think you may be on to something there.


Get them scores in today.


Doubled my points in a weekend, the meek shall inherit the earth




Wow, there were some excellent scores this week.


Best week so far. Could have been better, I had City 5-1 at Palace on grounds that I thought Palace might finally score.

No luck there then. :persevere:

EDIT Rarajohnnyla got 160 and Athleticbertie got 140! Serious scoring there.


I got the city score right.

Paul is right I will probably get zilch this week or revert back to my happy 50.


Get your scores in.


Just joined , I’m confident that given that by mid season I’ll still be rooted to the bottom !


Just make a note of the scores other people have now & see how you’ve done at the end of the season.


Goofed up this week I thought I had saved , seemingly not :racehorse::thinking:


Will probably still do better than me.