AA football predictor

I feel quite certain i’d made my last 2 rounds of score-predictions on the app, but I must - obviously - be doing something wrong

I’ll keep lurking til next season

@Craig best to keep giving it a go to iron out any problems, I think @murrayjohnson has had a couple of sets of predictions “vanish” after he made them

I only use a web browser on my pc and havent experienced any problem to date

Told you it would get really close towards the end. I need a really good week this week to fend off the three chasers.

Where is the table Simon?:nerd_face:


Round 36 was won by @chelseadave with 20 points, from @htm_1968 with 19.5, @Adpully claims the wooden spoon with 12.5 points, juest behind @Ijrussell with 13

Overall the sees @htm_1968 move back up to 2nd, level on points with @stu, and trim @Ijrussell 's lead to 4.5 points

Round 37 has already started with Tottenham hosting Burnley, and has 13 matches in total

Round 37 and the win goes to @Pan with 13.5 points from @murrayjohnson and @stu with 12.5 points. The wooden spoon was shared by @chelseadave and @malbec

Overall @stu has jumped 2 places to go top of the leaderboard, just 2 points above @htm_1968 who is only 1 point ahead of @Ijrussell .

Very tight at the top, and all to play for in the last round on Sunday


Congratulations to @htm_1968. Well played.

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Thanks to @sjs for organising the Footie Tipping. No feckin’ idea how that happened, especially as I had the Ev to win 0-1 at Arsenal. Really enjoyed this season though. It has been mad.


Well played Olan. :+1:

Thanks Dave. Mad outcome…

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Well played Olan
I was winning after 45 mins

Fuck you 90 minute football matches


I realise that you probably saw this live but didn’t expect you to re-create it here.


Round 38 results were confirmed on Monday afternoon, and just like the on pitch action it was a dramatic race for the title.

@htm_1968 went on an impressive charge to win the week with 15 points, ahead of @Ijrussell with 13.5 points, meanwhile @stu 's form deserted him at the last and he picked up the wooden spoon with 8.5 points.

This last day battle resulted in @htm_1968 being crowned champion :trophy: ahead of @Ijrussell by 2.5 points, with @stu 2 only more points behind.

At the bottom @malbec wasn’t able to make up enough ground on @murrayjohnson, and collects the wooden spoon for the season.

Congratulations to @htm_1968, and commiserations to @Ijrussell who lead the league for much of the season.

Thank you to everyone who took part this season, get a good break over the summer, and look forward to next season.


Thanks for organising this Simon and for the weekly updates. I really enjoyed this year’s competition but have no feckin’ idea how I ended up winning as I rarely tip against Everton.


Yay, the wooden spoon. At least I get to lick something :muscle:

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