AA football predictor


Burnley score has put something on thankfully


Arse , i didn’t save my scores . My storming of the league is going to have to wait a week .


Relegation is a real possibility, even this early in the season :wink:


Yes,i forgot to mention at the start,the bottom 2 get relegated to Greenhouses over the years forum.


As long as you can’t pick up red cards I’m happy


I’d like to thank Liverpool for the gift of 40 points.


Feck - 60 points for 6 correct outcome predictions…:disappointed:. Lots of 100s and some 120s too from others.


Don’t forget your weekend scores…


Last call for your scores


All done , though if things carry on as they are , by 5pm Saturday Football can fuck right off


Playing the table toppers tomorrow i see.


Yup , it’s got to the stage where I could quite happily use my season ticket to saw through my jugular .


Playing awful,or loads of bad luck?


MIxture of both to be fair , 5 or 6 red cards haven’t helped though and confidence has gone now . If we concede first that’s it . Heads gone .
What’s killing me is the sheer amount gamesmanship in league 1 . I hope the next opposition player that drops down in the box with a phantom head injury when we’ve got possession dies of a phantom fucking brain hemorrhage!


Lol, I’m doing spectacularly badly this week.

20 points up to now and the Soton v Mags doesn’t look like it will improve matters


Me to,awful week


Get your scores in early as there is a Friday night match this week.


40 points this week…:confounded:


I dreamed about getting 40 points!

20 (yes, TWENTY) for me :smile:


Top score again but still 9th, must remember to save my predictions :thinking: