AA football predictor

I might be last but one in the tables but this was a great pick


Man, I’ve done really bad this round and I made picks for every game!

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Thick and fast as the EPL resumes post FIFA WOrld Cup and Xmas, which unsurprisingly led to Round 18 throwing up a number of unexpected results. @Adpully took the crown with 8.5 points from @malbec with 7.5 points. @pan picked up the wooden spoon with 1.5 points, from @Ijrussell & @htm_1968 with 4.5 points.

Overall @stu remains 14 points clear.

Round 19 has already started with a sloppy Liverpool performance against a very spirited Brentford.

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Breaking records here!


Round 19 results are now complete, with @malbec taking the crown with 14 points from @Adpully dpully with 13 points. Unfortunately @chelseadave didn’t make any picks, so the real duck goes to @murrayjohnson with 3 points

Overall @stu lead is cut to 9.5 points over @malbec, while @Pan moves to within 15 points pf @murrayjohnson

Round 20 is a bumper 12 matches, kicking off this evening when Villa host Leeds, and not finishing until Thursday when Man City host Tottenham


I was sure I picked my forecasts. Done this weeks though.

You probably did but were as bad as Chelsea!

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I actually selected Chelsea to win 0-2 :+1:

Deleted by Author.

Typical that a new signing gets sent off when things are already not going well.

You couldn’t make it up. He looks promising.

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I was also a week late with my Fantasy Football transfers and I’m now in third place.

Impossible. I demand a recount. I’m calling a false count. My supporters will be storming the ramparts pronto

Up to 2nd overall :+1:

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Round 20 results are 8n and @murrayjohnson and @sjs share the crown with 16 points from @malbec with 15.5 points. The wooden spoon goes to @chelseadave with 8.5 points from @Pan with 10.5 points.

Overall @stu leads @malbec by 5.5 points

Round 21 kicks off at 12.30pm tomorrow when Liverpool host Chelsea


Don’t I get a yellow hat too? :smiley:

It seems i out slammed you :laughing:

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Round 21 results are in, and business as usual is resumed with @stu taking the crown with 11.5 points from @pan on 9 points. @Adpully collects the duck, as it seems there were no picks, from @murrayjohnson on 3 points

Overall, @stu is now 11.5 points ahead of @sjs, while at the bottom, @pan is now 14.5 points behind @murrayjohnson.

There is now a break for EFL Cup and FA Cup matches, with EPL returning for Round 22 on Friday 3rd February when Chelsea host Fulham in the evening kick-off


EPL returns this evening with Chelsea hosting Fulham

Time to get those predictions in !

@Pan @Adpully :+1:


It’ll be exciting for the Chelsea fans, cheering on a whole new team :grinning: