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@Ijrussell takes the crown for Round 22 with 13 points from @murrayjohnson with 11. The wooden spoon is shared by @Pan and @htm_1968 on 7 points.

@sjs remains top of the leaderboard by 11.5 points from @murrayjohnson who continues to rise through the table and past @htm_1968 due to having more 3 point games, despite being on the same points. No other changes elsewhere but @unclepuncle closes to 11.5 points behind @Pan

Round 23 kicks off at 12.30pm on Saturday when Tottenham travel to Everton, and concludes on Monday night when Brentford host Man City


Round 23 completed and @Ijrussell takes the crown with 10.5 points from @stu with 9.5.
The wooden spoon goes to @malbec on 4 points from @pan on 4.5 points.

No changes in positions in the leader board, @sjs remains 11.5 points ahead of @murrayjohnson , and @unclepuncle closes to 9 points behind @Pan

Round 24 starts on Saturday lunchtime when Man City host Everton and concludes on Monday night when Palace host Chelsea


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Round 24 crown taken by @htm_1968 with 12.5 points from @stu on 12 points. Eight points gets @murrayjohnson the wooden spoon, beaten by @malbec with 9 points.

Overall, @htm_1968 goes up to 2nd, ahead of @murrayjohnson who drops to 3rd.

Round 25 is a double game week for Liverpool, Man City, Brentford and Luton, it starts at 12.30pm on Saturday 17th when Brentford host Liverpool, and runs through to Wednesday 21st Feb when Liverpool host Luton.


Luton seem a bit unlucky with their scheduling this coming week.

Round 25 was won by @sjs with 13.5 points from @htm_1968 with 11 points. @unclepuncle picked up the wooden spoon with 4.5 points from @malbec on 8.5 points

Overall, @sjs remains 13 points ahead of @htm_1968, and @Pan moves up to 6th above @malbec

Only 8 games in Round 26 beginning unusually with 4 matches at 3.00pm on Saturday, and finishing on Monday night when West Ham host Brentford


Other than city,Liverpool and arsenal,this season has been really hard to predict.

Oh dear.:tired_face::tired_face:

Last night’s match saved me

I generally oppose Liverpool which might explain my league position.:crazy_face:

Not sure my reputation (at least in my own mind :clown_face:) as the greatest sports expert in the world will survive this.:weary:

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Top six at last!