Pay the man the money and send your addy Rob and I’ll get it to you sharpish :+1:



Pm on its way.


Payment received


Nice trolling with the other tabs in your browser.


If you mean the Wam, I’m only keeping an eye on my mates amp which I’ve put in the classifieds there, honest, and I like playing the song title game on Steve Hoffman…


No, I mean googling posh smellies.


Ooh, yes. When my girls go shopping in Liverpool or Manchester they’re under strict instructions to grab as many Acqua Di Parma freebies as they can, and as a result I probably have the equivalent of a bottle of the Colonia Oud.

But the other week they brought a sampler of the Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi edt, and it’s proper nice, so trying to find it on the cheap. £82 for a 150ml bottle is the best I’ve found, and I’m trying to justify it to myself…


And it’s partly your fault anyway, you started me off on posh shaving stuff…


How you getting on with the savage, killer bastard from hell razor @Rob998 ?


It’s definitely on the aggressive side Mike, but I was lucky to start off with a much gentler razor, so I managed to learn the technique without too much trouble. I reckon if I’d started off with the iKon I’d have ripped myself to shreds.

But because it’s more efficient, it takes fewer strokes to get a good shave, so I get less irritation.

I really like it mate, but I wouldn’t have if it had been my first razor, it’d probably have put me off traditional shaving altogether, like it did with you.

If you want to have another go, you’re welcome to have the Merkur.


One of mine.


Yep, a fantastic thing !


My fantastic thing now :grinning:


Cheers Rob, but once bitten and all that :slight_smile:


It bit you more than once though didn’t it? :rofl:




I have another PCI internal sound card, this time an Asus Xonar DS. It’s 7.1 channels, so ideal for digital crossovers if that’s your thing. Any interest? They go for about £40 on eBay, so offers over £25?

Forum Funding

Did these sell?


Still available


Just sent some mular, will PM my address .