AA Train thread

I think this was from the early 60s. May have been when the new diesels where introduced for the passenger services?

It did happen in later years although not that often, especially when they were replaced by the Deltics on most of the premier trains on the ECML.

An old thread over on RMWeb on the subject. Note many of the photo links are broken due to a bodged site upgrade. Can’t ever imaging that happening on AA.


Last run of Merseyside 508 imminent:

I was bought up on a diet of 415, 416, 423 and 411, so these and 455 were super modern when I was a kid! :joy:

Lack of PCV Drivers is biting. I used to do a bit of Rail Replacement driving…


Capitol Subway…

Brexit bonus? I’m thinking labour; expertise and materials…

Perhaps this should have been posted in the Brexit thread? :thinking: