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I think this was from the early 60s. May have been when the new diesels where introduced for the passenger services?

It did happen in later years although not that often, especially when they were replaced by the Deltics on most of the premier trains on the ECML.

An old thread over on RMWeb on the subject. Note many of the photo links are broken due to a bodged site upgrade. Can’t ever imaging that happening on AA.


Last run of Merseyside 508 imminent:

I was bought up on a diet of 415, 416, 423 and 411, so these and 455 were super modern when I was a kid! :joy:

Lack of PCV Drivers is biting. I used to do a bit of Rail Replacement driving…


Capitol Subway…

Brexit bonus? I’m thinking labour; expertise and materials…

Perhaps this should have been posted in the Brexit thread? :thinking:

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It’s a govt project, incompetence, ineptitude and corruption.

Lot’s of little things like DfT paying out £3m in redundancy to people who didn’t qualify or who had only been there a short while.

When I was at the Coastguard there was a consultant who had come in after getting £3000 per day working on HS2.

He was an absolute fuckwit (but a mate of the IT director) and actually suggested ripping out all the telephony and replacing it with Whatsapp (including the 999 calls)

Unfortunately he had just convinced the agency to replace all android phones with apple iphones and Whatsapp business wasn’t even available on iPhone yet :roll_eyes:


British Trains; World beating…

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Have a funicular from yesterday morning.

I have to admit that it was the Where Eagles Dare vibe of the upper platform that swung it for me.

And since there’s no Lifts Thread, have an ascenseur panoramique.

Luxembourg infrastructure is soooo much better than ours :sob:

Oh yeah, all the public transport is free. Yes, totally free. Those nice zoomy trams? Free. Buses? Free. Trains, you get the idea.


Worth looking at the Board appointed by government. Nearly all are bought in from the private sector and many move between the Boards of various arms length government agencies.

and just a week ago:

That would be the Cross Country who are about to run out of working trains due to the HSTs being withdrawn with nothing to replace them?

I was pointing at Avanti, but yes, Cross-Country too. DIY travel???:
Handcar Slow GIF - Handcar Slow Train - Discover & Share GIFs

Have a Funicular song:



I did Sheffield-Glasgow and back on alternate weekends for 18 years. Glad that I’m not trying it now.

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I did Glasgow to London on a Sunday and back up on a Friday at least 100 times in a period of about three years. Virgin may have had their problems but compared to this Avanti lot they were shining beacons of punctuality and service. If I had to do it again I would either have to use the sleeper service or fly. Reliability is an absolute sh!tshow and the minimum journey time has went from 4hrs 8min to 4hr 31m. That’s the kind of progress that gets you awarded government handouts these days.

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I’m sitting (upstairs obviously) on this big bloke, Dallas to Fort Worth


Home territory for me. Cousins live in Ft Worth and sister just moved from McKinney, another sister in Denison.

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