AAAC 10th Feb 2018 - Om Unit - Threads

Right you fuckers. Not bothered whether this is on on YouTube or Spotify or

This is an album you need to listen to. Vanessa laps this up… deep luxurious bass, sweet meliflous highs. Nick Dartmoor years ago recommeneded this album and i absolutely fucking love it.

Om Unit Threads.

Helps if I put the album details in. :frowning:

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Particular attention should be paid to The Silence and Nagual.


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Exactly. I’ve been out since 2 of the clock. Deal with it.

Ooh, get you :wink:

Fucking teuchter.



I put the name of the album in the title and put it in the correct category for you Stu.


Good craft James


Fucking lift music :roll_eyes:

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Fucking TIDAL links don’t ever seem to work properly. The Ginger Ninja’s nomination is available there. Sadly, this means I’ll have to listen to it.

Not too bad by AAAC standards, grooves along nicely enough in the background and would be good for film or crime drama but I don’t really get this type of music for just sitting and listening.


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Maybe in a dentist’s waiting room?

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Nice one :point_up:.
This isn’t funny anymore. What have you done with the real @J_B?

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What? £1-45 for 200g?

So how to describe this album ?
Pretentious ? Dull ? Repetitive ? Formulaic ? Epic ?

Nope. It’s CRAP !

It’s shortcomings could be described in great depth, but I can’t be arsed.

It’s just crap !